Handcrafted Natural Foam Rollers

With an eye towards environmental sustainability and fair trade principles, Lanna Roller's mission is to share and promote the health benefits of body rolling by offering beautiful massage foam rollers that seamlessly integrate into the home, office or studio. Our body rollers are furniture-quality pieces of functional art handcrafted by artisans from quality natural materials.

Lanna Roller offers styled foam rollers handcrafted from quality natural materials with the love and care your body deserves.

Exercises shown with the original Lanna Roller

Why Roll?

Foam rolling is an enjoyable practice with many outstanding health benefits.

Also known as Self Myofascial Release, the technique is done by placing your bodyweight on a foam roller or ball to apply pressure on muscles.

The self-massage practice balances muscle tension, relieves pain, increases blood flow, increases joint range of motion, prevents injury, and much more. Foam rolling has been proven to increases flexibility more than stretching alone.








"These truly are the best quality rollers I've ever tried; the materials, craftsmanship and beauty of each piece makes them outstanding.

I can feel the love and care that has gone into their creation. I am proud to represent Lanna Roller and provide the best to my students and clients."

Tom Gibson, Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer