From The Land of a Million Rice Fields
A Foam Roller Handcrafted From Nature
Designed to Heal & Prevent Pain
And Increase Flexibility
The Lanna Roller
Lanna Roller Natural Foam Rollers - The 3" Mini
Lanna Roller Natural Foam Roller - The 4"
Lanna Roller Natural Foam Roller - The 5"
Lanna Roller Natural Foam Roller - The 6"
Lanna Roller Natural Foam Rollers - 5" Classic Nesting Set | 2-Piece Set 3"+ 5"Lanna Roller Natural Foam Rollers - 5" Classic Nesting Set | 2-Piece Set 3"+ 5"
Lanna Roller Natural Foam Rollers - 6" Large Nesting Set | 2-Piece Set 4"+ 6"
Lanna Roller Natural Foam Roller 5" Large Long Set | 3-Piece Set 3"+ 5"x2
Lanna Roller Natural Foam Roller 6" Large Long Set | 3-Piece Set 4"+ 6"(x2)

My Commitment to Your Health

"My Mission is to share and promote the profound benefits of Self Myofascial Release (SMFR) by offering highly effective self massage tools that are handcrafted from the highest quality organic, non-polluting, non-toxic, biodegradable and natural materials available.

Lanna Rollers are designed to become part of your living room furniture and integrated into your lifestyle. Stored in plain sight, Lanna Rollers inspire more frequent impromptu self massage sessions in the comfort of your own home, and more self massage sessions is a good thing!

When you invest in a Lanna Roller, you are making a commitment to better health.

Have a look around the site and please contact me with any questions!"

The Profound Health Benefits of Rolling

Body rolling, foam rolling, myofascial release - are all terms for self-massage. Most of us can identify with how relaxed we feel after receiving a massage. Wouldn’t it be great to receive a massage every day, and have it be just as you like it?   Beyond relaxing the  body and mind, regular massage through body rolling has the following profound health benefits:  

Lanna Roller Image Pain Spots


  • Heal & Reduce Muscle Pain
  • Increase Flexibility & Joint Range of Motion
  • Prevent Injury
  • Flush Toxins from Tissues
  • Increase Circulation
  • Improve Spinal Alignment
  • Release Trigger Points
  • Improve Muscle Post Workout Recovery


Exercises shown with the original Lanna Roller

Why Roll?

Foam rolling is an enjoyable practice with many outstanding health benefits.

Also known as Self Myofascial Release, the technique is done by placing your bodyweight on a foam roller or ball to apply pressure on muscles.

The self-massage practice balances muscle tension, relieves pain, increases blood flow, increases joint range of motion, prevents injury, and much more. Foam rolling has been proven to increases flexibility more than stretching alone.

How Lanna Rollers Are Made

The quality of our self massage foam rollers is that of premium handmade furniture. Each Lanna Roller is constructed around a wood cylinder that has been hand-carved to precise dimensions from a single piece of mango wood.

This durable structural core is wrapped in natural latex foam cushioning, which provides a luxuriously smooth feel that is similar to a massage therapists forearm or palm. The latex foam cushioning is tightly encased and protected in an internal fabric liner.

The final touch is the decorative outer cover that is both removable and washable. We offer a variety of beautiful artisan covers including handwoven and natural dyed textiles. All are durable yet soft against your skin.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Justine Cornelison's picture
Submitted by Justine Cornelison on

I had no idea it would be so easy to find EXACTLY what I was looking for in a massage roller. I had put off buying one for so long because I didn't want another hunk of petroleum based foam to wind up in a landfill one day because of me. Stumbling across Lanna Roller via a whim google search on a day my muscles were aching was such a serious WIN. Additionally, shipping was super fast and customer service fantastic. This product is truly beautiful and feels downright amazing. I would also like to note that I get exciting thinking about who I will be able to share these gems with in the future, as I think these rollers will make fantastic heirloom quality and highly functional gifts for friends and family. Beauty, health, and wellness all "rolled" into one, haha! :0)

PJ STambaugh's picture
Submitted by PJ STambaugh on

I absolutely love my Lanna Roller Classic Long Set! As a student of massage therapy, they help me with at home bodywork and muscle/tissue/lymph release. The rollers come with a beautiful Rollasana poster which shows you how to target the entire body. I plan to frame it and put it in my future office as I will be sharing these beautiful rollers with my clients. I recommend using the rollers daily. I roll out any stiffness in the morning and any tension in the evening before bed. I mainly use the 3" Mini roller as it targets my petite frame with a deeper pressure. My primary motivation to purchase from Lanna Roller was the care and consciousness placed into the production of the rollers from a social and environmental standpoint. Yes, they cost more due to the responsible production process but they are BEAUTIFUL and will LAST! I'm very happy.

fitnessyoga's picture
Submitted by fitnessyoga on

This roller is quality! The wood roller is covered with a medium density latex foam pad and then a beautifully woven cover. All my clients love this roller and that is saying a lot! 

pax1902's picture
Submitted by pax1902 on

I’m a runner! Yes. 50km a week, more or less. Time to relax and train! I find rollers very good tools to recover. But Lanna Rollers are the best among rollers! Wood and rubber are of first qualty because natural products! I’ve pratically a daily routine of streching and rolling. I would say streching while rolling. It’s a perfect combination for my muscles and tissues. I can assure you!

Evelyn Skultety's picture
Submitted by Evelyn Skultety on

I own the 5'' and 3'' diameter Lanna Rollers and use them both daily. I actually feel odd if I skip a day as my spine is so much more subtle and my muscles and ligaments are less tight.  The core is firm, but the latex has the right softness or resistance, and you can adjust the pressure perfectly by modifying how much of your bodyweight you give the rollers. Because my Lanna Rollers are so beautiful, they have become part of my room decoration and I love how my Lanna Rollers fit inside each other.  It's a much better investment than buying the cheaper ugly plastic foam rollers that I would hide away - out of sight and out of mind. Lanna Rollers are functional pieces of handcraft and I have the satisfaction knowing I didn't contribute yet another machine-made mass-produced product to the world.  I am very happy with my Lanna Rollers.  They are hands down the physically and visually best foam rollers I have found!

Tony Sikes's picture
Submitted by Tony Sikes on

I am extremely pleased with the quality and ascetic beauty of the Lanna Roller. I have/had ITBS which was severe enough for surgery but cured by disciplined daily rolling. Since this is a daily ritual, I keep the roller in the living room at all times. Guests see the roller as a piece of art rather than a medical device. I have found that I much prefer the latex foam padding over my plastic core/foam roller although it is a little more firm. After three years of daily rolling, I have worn out two traditional plastic/foam rollers. I expect the Lanna to hold up much better.

While the Lanna Roller is certainly more expensive than its competitors, the quality of construction and function made this a good investment for myself and my family.

Suzie Scott's picture
Submitted by Suzie Scott on

These two Lanna Rollers have become my best friends. I have burgeoning sciatica down my left leg and someone recommended these to me. I use them whenever I feel any pain coming on and the results have been quite outstanding. I often use them together, propping the big one on top of the small one and roll my adductors (inside legs) right down to just above the knee, it frees those muscles of all the built up tension of the day and the pain relief is quasi-instantaneous and long lasting. I also use them to release stiffness in my shoulders and neck and anywhere else in my poor ageing body. The Nook works wonders for rolling my feet and calves. They look really nice too, so I keep them out (the small one slides inside the big one and I store my massage ball on top) and just start rolling in my living room, even when chatting with friends or watching tv. It's great to have something this beautiful, which is hand crafted and fairtrade. Knowing that I'm helping someone somewhere in Asia rather than feeding a big corporation is a real added bonus. Highly recommended and the service and shipping was super easy and fast.

Patryce_Bak's picture
Submitted by Patryce_Bak on

I need to use a roller on a daily basis to eliminate lower leg pain due to a health condition. After years of having to house a toxic synthetic roller, I couldn't be more thrilled to find a solid wood product. Plus it looks great in my living room and obviously made of high quality materials. The 5" Classic is a good length for most of my rolling routine, at 5'9". I like the various exercise combos of the 5" Classic and the 3" Nook rollers together. The Nook is great when you need to really get in deep and it's small enough to tarvel with! Hallelujah. 

Brett Rodgers's picture
Submitted by Brett Rodgers on

The 6" roller is GREAT for rolling on your upper body - especially the obliques and pecks.  The obliques are more sensitive and need less pressure than other parts of the body.  When you need to really stretch the SIDES of the body it's easy to roll on the 6" Lanna Roller for excellent results.  The 6" roller might be a good first "general" roller for you cream puffs.  It's big, fairly gentle and perfect for those with painful "landmines" all over their bodies - the gentle giant!    

Brett Rodgers's picture
Submitted by Brett Rodgers on

The 5" was the first Lanna Roller I bought.  After two minutes of rolling I knew it was a winner!  I rolled on it every freaking day.  When I went on my four month trip living in my car I rolled on it everywhere!  It's a great first roller to get you started.  It's not too aggressive but gets the job done for most people in many ways.  You can roll on just about any part of your body and get results.  Of course it's way better to own all four sizes but if you just want to try one, this might be your best bet.  I still use my good ol 5" roller all the time.  I've had it almost four years now.  :)

Brett Rodgers's picture
Submitted by Brett Rodgers on

It's best to have one of each size roller because sometimes you need more pressure and other times you need less.  Also, different areas of the body need different diameter rollers.  The 4" roller is great for people that are used to more pressure.  It's super for tight leg muscles.  I use it on my quads most and IT band too.  Great for low back stretching.  I love how the latex rubber just bounces right back and doesn't wear out like un-natural cushioning material.  I use this one daily and love it!  Wouldn't do without it!!!

Brett Rodgers's picture
Submitted by Brett Rodgers on

I find that the 3" Lanna roller is fantastic for massaging the sacrum (tailbone) and illiac crest area.  I also use it for my IT band when I really want to apply a LOT of pressure.  This smallest of PJ's rollers is definitely the most aggressive.  A must have for everyone in my opionion.  Fantastic.  I've been using mine for about two years now.  SOOO glad I bought it!

Tonyk's picture
Submitted by Tonyk on

I have an active schedule consisting of weight training and Muay Thai boxing. Unfortunately, this all takes a toll on me physicality and I need to heal ASAP and get back at it as efficiently as I can. I choose the Lanna Roller Small roller almost daily (less than 20min). I wanted a tool that really gets into the places that I need it. I freaking love it. The roller is great quality and will last for many years to come. I would recommend it to my family and friends. When they support this shop, they're supporting super skillful, hard workers.

Juan Godoy's picture
Submitted by Juan Godoy on

I got my roller a few days ago and I absolutely love it. I started using it right away and it worked and felt fantastic. The roller is simply great and beautiful!
Congrats on putting together a powerful and beautiful tool.
The whole experience of buying Lanna Roller was altogether stupendous!!

Pete Wallis's picture
Submitted by Pete Wallis on

I have a regular size 5" roller with Naga cover, I love it. Use it mainly to roll my back and legs and anywhere else that might have a niggle at the time, and get a decent amount of pressure on my muscles with this roller size. Think if I'd gone for one of the plastic rollers it would have got put away and forgotten about, but my Lanna Roller stays in the living room and I pick it up and use it throughout the day or when I'm watching TV. It looks nice stood on the coffee table so that's where it lives. I would advise almost anyone to get into body rolling. And if you do it's well worth investing in a good roller. So look no further than the Lanna Roller; the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing foam roller on the market by far!