The 6"Large Long 3-Piece Set


This is a three-piece set that includes two 6" Large rollers and one 4" Small, which join together to form one long 6” diameter roller with a length of 36”. The Large Long Set offers a wide range of exercises with the benefit of using each roller individually or combined as one long roller to access full spine-supported exercises. The 4" Small is a break-away travel companion, so you can pack it with you on your trip, taking your rolling routine on the road. Please inform us if you like to mix and match cover styles.

Rollasana Excercise Poster

Lanna Roller Ecological Foam Rolling Exercise Instruction Poster

This listing includes an A3-sized body rolling poster featuring illustrations drawn by the late Swiss artist Pierre Bertola. Printed on glossy thick paper stock, it is a getting started guide we hope you hang on your wall to inspire your body rolling practice.





Handwoven “Naga” Cover

These sturdy 100% cotton covers were handwoven by the Naga hill tribes, a culture renown for producing traditional textiles with intricate designs holding deep cultural meaning. Slight imperfections in the weave are normal and consistent with handwoven fabrics. An interior fabric backing provides strength and fit. The colors are not set and can bleed if allowed to sit in water. Hand wash separately and quickly in cold water using a mild soap.

$374.00 USD