The 3" Mini


Our road warrior, our 3" Mini is small but mighty. With a 13" length and a 3" diameter, this tool offers focused pressure, for those who need something more aggressive. It is an effective deep-tissue massage of the smaller muscles of the feet, calves, neck, behind the shoulder blades, hip flexors, and forearms. Many customers enjoy having this roller in their collection as the “detail tool” when larger rollers do not access the anatomically small areas as well.

The Mini was designed to nest inside the 5" Classic as part the Classic Nesting Set, which combines two rollers in one compact package significantly expanding the number of exercise options. As a three piece set, the Mini also joins two 5" Classic rollers to make one 36" Classic Long Set.


Rollasana Excercise Poster

Lanna Roller Ecological Foam Rolling Exercise Instruction Poster

This listing includes an A4-sized body rolling poster featuring illustrations drawn by the late Swiss artist Pierre Bertola. Printed on glossy thick paper stock, it is a getting started guide we hope you hang on your wall to inspire your body rolling practice.



Handwoven “Naga” Cover

These sturdy 100% cotton covers were handwoven by the Naga hill tribes, a culture renown for producing traditional textiles with intricate designs holding deep cultural meaning. Slight imperfections in the weave are normal and consistent with handwoven fabrics. An interior fabric backing provides strength and fit. The colors are not set and can bleed if allowed to sit in water. Hand wash separately and quickly in cold water using a mild soap.

$107.00 USD