Product Warranty

Our rollers are covered by a wood and foam 3-year warranty from date of purchase, subject to the following considerations:  

Our rollers reflect the nuanced character and imperfections reflective of handmade products made from natural materials. Minor imperfections and inconsistencies in materials are considered normal.

Handwoven fabrics may have open loops, loose threads, and inconsistent weaves and are not covered under our warranty. 

The wood cylinder is shaped by hand on a spinning lathe. The inner wood surface of the cylinder may be uneven, have rough patches, knots and grain inconsistencies. As with all wood furniture, exposure to UV light, heat and moisture extremes can damage wood and voids the warranty. Minor "hairline" cracks are considered normal and will not affect roller function.  Full wood failure or cracks <1mm resulting from suggested normal use is covered under the warranty. 

Mango wood products from Thailand are very popular in the world market and termites can be a real issue. Most companies apply poisonous insecticides, but we use a non-toxic alternative treatment consisting of cooking the wood cylinder in a room heated by a wood-fired oven. This process both cures the green mango wood and the smoke drives out termites. Consequently, new rollers may have a “smokey” odor that will fade over time.

Our latex foam will generally retain its integrity for about 5 years. Latex is the longest-lasting of the foams, but all foams eventually oxidize and break down, a process accelerated by exposure to UV light. 

Email a photograph of the roller's failures to and our team will review for eligibility. One the replacement roller per purchase.