5 Year Warranty

Our rollers are covered by a 5-year manufacturing defect warranty, subject to the following considerations:

Exposure to heat, sunlight, water or extreme temperature voids the warranty.

All Lanna Roller covers are hand woven. Loose threads and inconsistent weaves are considered normal and part of the hand made charm.

Wood knots and grain inconsistencies give wood its natural charm and beauty. Wood expands and contracts in extreme temperatures, altitudes, and humidity levels. Minor "hairline" cracks may appear over time and are considered normal and will not affect roller function. Within 5 years of purchase, if a crack develops that is wider than 1mm from normal usage below suggested weight limit of 250lbs or 113kg, Lanna Roller will issue one replacement roller.

Replacement rollers are issued on a case by case basis. To be eligible for a replacement roller, email a photograph of the roller showing the manufacturing defect to info@omroller.com and our team will review for eligibility.  Shipping cost for replacement roller is the responsibility of the purchaser. Replacement rollers will be sent without an outer cover, so be sure to keep your cover. Once the replacement roller is issued, the limited warranty will be fulfilled and there will be no further warranty coverage on replacement roller. 

Our foam is guaranteed to retain its structural integrity for 5 years. Latex is a natural foam and is the longest lasting of the foams, but all foams eventually break down including the latex foam used in our natural foam rollers.