The Lanna Kingdom

Lan-na is an homage to northern Thailand, formally known as the “Lanna Kingdom”. It is not only a region, but a culture with an ethos and way of life that inspired Lanna Roller's creation.

Lan-na is a reference to the friendly and polite people known for valuing Buddhist principals, family, social responsibility and strong ties to nature. Lan-na in Thai means "the land of a million rice fields". The Lan-na people have a long tradition of working the land, not only for food, but also for raw materials for craft-making. Northern Thailand is teaming with artisans who carve wood, dye fabric, and weave textiles.

Lan-na culture influences many aspects of modern northern Thai life; from art and architecture to song and dance. One of the ways children are taught to take care of their elders is through massage, a practice that has led to the popular "Thai massage".

The Lan-na people have a high regard for "jai dee" which is Thai for "good heart", an ethos that is infused into everything they do.

This is the culture and way of life that Lanna Roller embodies in its product: Thai massage, natural handicrafts, and a heavy dose of "jai dee".