What is Body Rolling?

Every structure in your body is covered in a layer of fascia, from your muscles to your blood vessels. The condition of the fascial layer is important to your overall health. Myofascial adhesions can lead to pain, discomfort and decreased flexibility. Often times we go to a massage therapist to help break up sticky fascia layers. Not many of us can go as regularly as we like to see a therapist, and even then once a week attention is not enough to make lasting change. Body rolling, or myofascial release therapy, is a technique where you break up adhesions in your fascia by “rolling” your body on a foam roller or ball to create muscle compression, recreating the effect of a deep tissue massage. A body rolling practice has many excellent benefits:

  • increases joint range of motion
  • improves arterial heart function
  • aides in lymphatic drainage
  • raises tissue oxygen
  • releases endorphins.

Just 10-20 minutes of rolling will immediately make you feel lighter, energized and more fluid. A regular long-term body rolling practice can alleviate chronic pain and help establish better postural balance by releasing deep muscle tension and increasing joint range of motion. Body rolling is becoming more popular today. The practice that was once relegated to training centers and physical therapy clinics, is now spreading to yoga studios, gyms and living rooms across the globe. Lanna Roller's goal is to bring the practice to your living room so that it becomes integrated into your daily routine.