Use Disclaimer

The information on this site is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider  before undertaking any new exercise or physical fitness program. As with all exercise programs and use of fitness equipment, exercise caution and do not go beyond your limits. Take your time, breath, feel, and "listen" to your body. If the pressure from your body weight on the roller is too strong, try placing a flat thin cushion or blanket over the roller to soften the pressure.


Weight Disclaimer

The maximum recommended weight limit for our rollers is 113kg or 250lbs. If a greater weight is placed on the roller will void Lanna Roller’s limited warranty.


1 Year Limited Warranty

Each Lanna Roller is constructed around a wood cylindar hand-lathed from a solid piece of mango wood. Wood knots and grain inconsistencies give wood its natural charm and beauty. Wood expands and contracts in extreme temperatures, altitudes, and humidity levels. As is normal in wood products, minor "hairline" cracks may appear over time are considered normal and will not affect functionality.  We have tested our wood cylindars over the years and have had very little problems with our wood cylindars, however there have been a few rare occasions where the wood has cracked.     Because this wood is sourced from trees grown in an uncontrolled natural environment, the strength of the wood grain is impossible to control.  

Within 1 year of purchase, if a crack develops that is wider than 1mm from normal usage below maximum weight limit of 250lbs or 113kg, Lanna Roller will issue one replacement roller. Shipping cost for replacement roller is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Replacement rollers are issued on a case by case basis. To be eligible for a replacement roller, send a photographic proof of crack wider than 1mm to sales@lannnaroller.com. Once the replacement roller is issued, the limited warranty will be fulfilled and there will be no further warranty coverage on replacement roller. Replacement rollers will be sent without an outer cover, so be sure to keep your cover.

All Lanna Roller covers are hand woven. Loose threads and inconsistent weaves are considered normal and part of the hand made charm.


Offers & Discounts

Occasional promotional discounts and offers are offered by Lanna Roller or an affiliate advertiser. Promotions may be may be stopped at any time. Please note, promotional discounts can not be used in conjunction with each other. Only one discount can be applied per order.